The Institute

The European Institute of Guitar Making (EIGM) has been created by Master Luthier Stephen Hill, to expand the teaching of guitar making excellence, using his teaching methods which have been developed over the last 30 years of guitar making and 21 years of teaching.

Many of Stephens students have gone on to become Luthiers in their own right and now have the experience to pass on their skills to others. The Institute has pooled together this wealth of knowledge to create a community of highly skilled craftsmen to run guitar making courses, based on Stephens teaching mode.

It is intended that by creating a clear and professional format we will be recognised by Governmental and Educational Bodies. This will enable young people to apply for grants to attend our courses and create a new generation of makers thus ensuring that this beautiful tradition has a future.

If you would like to build steel string guitars then the following link is to an EIGM endorsed Course run by Richard Osborne in the UK:

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