NEW online teaching begins

We are happy to announce that Stephen Hill will be teaching Master Classes in Guitar Building online for one to one or in group sessions. There will be themed classes chosen by Stephen or you can also request focusing on particular aspects of guitar making in the Spanish Tradition.

Stephen has been teaching the art of guitar making for 27 years and has taught over 300 people to make their own guitars to a very high level.

Duration: Each session will last approximately 1 hour.

Content: It will be possible to cover a lot of ground on more than 1 aspect and students must prepare well beforehand to get the most out of the session!.

Style: Stephen will demonstrate in a live session, and you will be able to simply look or work on the same aspect yourself live, guided by Stephen.

Cost: For personal closed individual sessions the cost will be €45. This can also be a consultancy session with Stephen about your own work.

To join a group demonstration session the cost will be €25 with a minimum of 2 participants.

Platform: Zoom. Participants will be able to record the session to play back at a later time.

Payment: via PayPal or direct payment request with Sumup

To express an interest please contact Stephen using the contact form HERE


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