Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions!

Q. I’ve always wanted to make a guitar but have no experience in woodworking, can I do the course?

A. Whilst some basic experience with handtools and woodwork be very beneficial we do accept people with no experience and always have great results. We do of course ask for total commitment and a strong passion to make the guitar of your dreams!

Q. I’ve made a few guitars but I want to improve my understanding of the Spanish techniques and the finer aspects of building and acoustic theory, is this course for me?

A. Yes, we work to a very high standard and make no compromises on build quality and tonality, there would be much to learn!

Q. I want to come with my partner, is this a good idea?

A. Many students come with their partner and have a great time doing the course with the companionship and emotional support. However the partner would need to understand that our days are sometimes long and intensive!

Q. After the course, will I be able to make more guitars easily? 

A. Thats a big question and it depends on how much information you are able to absorb during the course. We don’t hide any information but the fact is there are so many different stages. We give each student a pretty comprehensive course manual that will help enormously later, plus we advise to take notes and a lot of photographs. So saying, quite a number of our students go on to build really fine guitars after the course.

Q. What about French polishing. Do we teach that?

A. We do some polishing if the instrument is completed say by the wednesday of the final week, otherwise we do a thin spray coat of shellac to protect the guitar. We offer a polishing service with Antonio Ariza, probably one of Spains top French polishers, in Granada, This would take at least a month, and the basic cost is 300€ plus courier.

Q.  I have heard that there are now new Cites laws regarding the exports of all rosewoods. How does this affect me when I travel home to say the USA?

A. The new Cites regulations do not affect you as you would be taking home your own guitar, that is not for resale commercially. It is also not something you have purchased, as you paid for the course tuition, not the guitar!

Q. How about Covid and mask wearing in the workshop?

A. We would expect you all to have had tests prior to travelling and therefore treat this issue with sensible prudence. We do form a sort of bubble amongst ourselves also. We do not ask you to wear a mask the entire duration of your day, only when using machines and sanding to protect from harmful dust. If you are feeling ill then we ask you to stay out of the shop until you feel better, and resume your work after that. And wash your hands!  We have run some great courses during this whole time of the Pandemic but remain cautious.We do not require people to be vaccinated attend the course.

Q. I want to book accommodation, what’s available

A. We sometimes have a simple place available through us but we also use some agents in town. Please ask and we will put you in touch.

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