Welcome To The EIGM School of Guitar Making, Granada, Spain

We have been teaching the art of traditional Spanish guitar making for more than 22 years, 12 of them in Granada province, Spain. We are considered to be one of the primary and highest level luthier schools in the world.

Through our courses hundreds of students have been introduced to this beautiful Art and many have gone on to become professional Luthiers in their own right.

Our Founder and Director of the EIGM, Stephen Hill, has been making world class Classical and Flamenco guitars since 1985, besides being a successful Master Luthier is also passionate about passing on his skills through these intensive courses, which he has developed and taught since 1994.

With our main workshop based in the province of Granada, Andalucia - Spain, the heartland of the guitar, famous for being one of the primary centres of guitar making in the world so we are perfectly positioned to offer a unique guitar making experience that is second to none. Be truly inspired by being in Spain!

Seamus Cantwell (Ireland)

I'm quite sure there's no comparable course like this one anywhere in Europe.

One Month Guitar Making Course

The EIGM guitar making course takes you all the way through the guitar making process, beginning with selecting the best raw materials, through to the completed instrument.

With only six places available on each course taught by 2 teachers, we can offer an extremely high level of professional personal tuition, guaranteeing you a profound and intense learning experience.

Heading our professional teaching team is Stephen Hill himself who, with more than 30 years experience in guitar making and 21 years of teaching, has vast experience in the art of guitar making.

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Neil Sardinas (USA)

The instructor's standards and knowledge are at a very high level.  It was an opportunity of a lifetime to work with him in his shop.

Our courses are open to all, regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner, experienced woodworker or instrument maker. Not to be taken lightly we ask for you to have drive and commitment. We see to the rest! 

All the guitars produced during the course are of an extremely high professional standard that we proudly maintain as the aim of the European Institute.

guitar making diploma

The course is completed with our “Graduation Ceremony” where each student is presented with their European Institute of Guitar Making Diploma and the guitars have often been played by top visiting or local guitarists, like Albert Nuitjen, Dale Harris, Gary Ryan, Paco Seco, Pablo Escudero, Ricardo de la Juana, Niño Carmelo, El Pirata, Manuel Vazquez and others!

You will find full details of this and other courses offered by the European Institute of Guitar Making, on our COURSES page.

Thank you for visiting the European Institute of Guitar Making. We hope you find the site helpful and enjoyable. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us

We look forward to welcoming you as our newest student very soon.

The Team

European Institute of Guitar Making

If you would like to build steel sting guitars then the following link is to an EIGM endorsed Course run by one of Stephen Hill´s ex students Richard Osborne in the UK:


The Institute

The European Institute of Guitar Making (EIGM) has been created by Master Luthier Stephen Hill, to expand the teaching of guitar making excellence, using his teaching methods which have been developed over the last 30 years of guitar making and 21 years of teaching.

Many of Stephens students have gone on to become Luthiers in their own right and now have the experience to pass on their skills to others. The Institute has pooled together this wealth of knowledge to create a community of highly skilled craftsmen to run guitar making courses, based on Stephens teaching mode.

It is intended that by creating a clear and professional format we will be recognised by Governmental and Educational Bodies. This will enable young people to apply for grants to attend our courses and create a new generation of makers thus ensuring that this beautiful tradition has a future.

If you would like to build steel string guitars then the following link is to an EIGM endorsed Course run by Richard Osborne in the UK:


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