EIGM working with Madinter from Madrid.

The EIGM works closely with wood companies, especially Madinter, who have been supplying us with quality seasoned timbers for quite some years. We very much like working with Madinter for several reasons, the most important being the consistent quality of their wood, and the fact that they specially season their stock before sending.  Of course, everything that comes into the shop we stack and leave to settle for sometimes up to 5 years but having timbers already dry is a huge headstart to the process.

We also have a special dry room which is dehumidified and warmed to around 20% relative humidity, putting timbers that are already dry through the most rigorous preparations before leaving to settle in our normal construction room humidity of 45%.

Madinter also are one of the most pro-active companies in the development of sustainability of woods used by guitar makers. They head some very interesting projects in Cameroon for example, read here  For more information on their products go to their web: http://madinter.com

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